Singing in the Rain & Selling out Again

So for the first time in our 3 years of doing Muffin Mondays in May, it actually rained.

We had an awning that a kept us all dry and even kept the wonderful smells of muffins inside.It was so fantastic to have your support…even in the rain!! I was sure we would sell a lot less but instead we sold out!!!  Thank you!!  Your support has come at a perfect time with our Haiti adoption coming sooner than anticipated.  Our greatest joy of this past Muffin Monday was God bringing the rain.  You may think I’m crazy but truly it was the best, for a very specific reason.  My best friend, greatest supporter, & love of my life was with us for the very first time!!!!!!


The boys and I were thrilled to have Daddy with us for the first time!!!

Usually work keeps Daddy busy and he only gets to stop in to say hi; and maybe grab a muffin…if they haven’t sold out!  Since our business is working outside, Ryan wasn’t able to work so he came to be with us! You see God bringing the rain, meant God bringing my husband to be with us…my greatest joy!

This is our last Muffin Monday coming up!!!  We will not be selling Muffins on Memorial Day.  Here are the flavors that got the most requests & biggest reviews that we will be serving on Monday.  We are making the most muffins yet, so please come help us sell out with a bang this year!!!

Flavors for May 23rd…

Pancake & Sausage with Maple Syrup

Double Blueberry

Nutella Swirl

Vanilla with Cinnamon Crumb Topping

Salted Caramel

Key Lime Pie

Coffee Cake


Wonderful News!

Aaron’s Adoption Update

We have spent the last couple of months really enjoying each other.  See pictures below 😉 !  Watching Aaron grow, attach to each of us, and get healthy as been so precious.  So far Aaron is not showing any developmental issues and his nervous system is continuing to heal.  He is making a lot of sounds and noises, drooling a lot, smiling HUGE smiles, and giggling.  We are all crazy about him!!!

Your prayers have been essential to Aaron’s situation!

Since our last update, we filed Termination of Parental Rights against Aaron’s father.  He had 30 days to appeal and he did not.  There is a lot more detail to the events that have occurred over the last two months but they do not need to be gone through on the internet.  Since he did not appeal the Termination of his Rights, the court will Terminate his Rights as Aaron’s father.  With great joy we are happy, no ECSTATIC!!, to announce that the courts have given us a court date on Dec. 4th for us to go before the judge to have our adoption of Aaron finalized!  This means that Aaron will legally be forever with our family!!!  

God has…

  • Preserved Aaron’s life in the womb when there was no chance for life.
  • Guided & strengthened Aaron’s mom to make an extremely difficult, selfless, and loving decision for her son.
  • Cleaned and healed Aaron’s body from the drugs he was exposed to in the womb.
  • Increased our faith and trust in His plan, timing, and our ability to surrender ourselves and our children to Him.
  • Brought two families together forever that were complete strangers just a few months ago.
  • Has rescued & redeemed Aaron’s life from darkness and addiction to light and freedom.
  • Been our great provider; having provided all the money needed, all the endurance, and the healing of many illnesses.
  • Set Aaron’s mother in a long-term rehab when there was no where for her to go to seek sobriety.
  • Protected Aaron from his father’s lifestyle and inability to care for & protect Aaron.  There is no greater protection than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!
  • Shown His great, great, great magnificent love that He has for us all!
  • …And so much more with more to come!

If the Lord brings us to your mind on Friday, shout praises to Him on Aaron’s behalf.  Please continue to pray for Aaron’s birth parents who need His transforming power to set them free and bring them to complete freedom which is only found in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, support, donations, volunteering, and so much more…your investment has made an eternal difference!

Please enjoy these photos and then read the update on our Haiti adoption that follows.

Haiti Adoption Update

We received word 2 weeks ago that our Dossier has been sent to Haiti!!!!  I would love to tell you that this means we are moving through quicker than a snails pace but that is not so.  Haiti doesn’t do “quick”.  Our Dossier will now sit and wait in Haiti for about a year until our family can be presented to be matched with a child or children.  It is fantastic news that all our part is complete and has been accepted and has moved on to the next step!!!!  It is even greater that God will bring us together with the rest of our family at the perfect time for us all!

In Him,

The Rankins



We’re Home!!! We’re Home!!!!  We’re Home!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent the day after Disney doing laundry, resting, packing, and playing by the pool.

IMG_3690 IMG_3702 IMG_3709I even tried Gator Tail! It was good, no distinct flavor and not weird!!


Early Monday, we took a cab to the airport and began our journey home. At 19 days old, Aaron has been to Disney World, ridden in cabs, gone on Amusement rides, been hospitalized, recovered from his mom’s substance abuse, was in 3 states in 1 day, and traveled over the U.S. in a plane.  For a little guy, he has had a big life so far!

IMG_3719 IMG_3721

During our layover in Denver, I called our pediatrician to get an appointment for the boys that same afternoon.  Riley had developed a full body, bright red, splotchy rash on Sunday.  It wasn’t itchy, Benadryl didn’t help, and even his lips, eyes, and ears were swollen.  Luke coughed almost the entire flight from Florida to Denver.  I have developed a while new level of compassion for families that are traveling.  We were the family that everyone dreads seeing get on the plane…a newborn, a child with a hacking cough, and a child covered & swollen with a bright red rash! What a sight we were!! I’m sure people wondered why we were sharing our germs but we needed to get home.

IMG_3724Once we landed in Gillette, we were super surprised to see our dear friends had drove from Sheridan to see us!! 

Next we went to GG’s house! We really hadn’t eaten all day and she had a perfect lunch ready for us! Here are Aaron’s first moments with his GG!!

 IMG_3726 IMG_3725

Since we needed to get to our doctor appointment, we couldn’t stay long.  Our next stop…the pediatrician’s office.  After thorough exams and doing blood work on Riley we don’t now much but here is what we do know:

Riley: His rash is likely an allergic reaction to his antibiotic.  He still has a cough and a fever.

Luke: His pneumonia is worse, his oxygen levels are down, and he still has a fever.  In the doctors words, “He has a toe in the door at the hospital.”

So, the boys are on inhalers and we’re pushing fluids and rest.  Now we pray and wait and see.  I am feeling much better, Ryan & Aaron are healthy so far!!

After going to the lab, we finally were home!!!!!!!!!  We were greeted by lovely signs welcoming us home in our drive-way, doorway, and on our fridge.  The love, support, and prayers from all of you have brought us such comfort and joy!!  Aaron slept well his first night at home and was bright eyed this morning!


We are very grateful for your ongoing prayers!!!  When we’re healthy, we look forward to seeing you all!



Envelopes Everywhere!!


As you know we have had to postpone our Carnival fundraiser since our birthmother’s due date has changed a couple of times.  However, we are still in need of funds to cover the expenses of adopting our third son.  So…we are doing an envelope fundraiser! “A what?”, you ask?  I said  the same thing when I heard about it.  A wonderful lady found this fundraiser idea and it is just right for us.  Then with the help of great friends, we were ready to go!  There is little effort in doing it and if it is completed will cover the rest of our domestic adoption costs!!!!  IMG_3101

Little effort AND meet our financial goals!?!? YEP!

We hope this sounds as great to you as it does to us, so that you can jump right in on the fun!


(Drumroll please…)

176 Envelopes!!!


Why 176 envelopes? One of us was born in ’76… and because it was the number that filled up the display boards. 😉  (Major mathematical reasoning around here!) 

How do you raise money with 176 envelopes? People choose a number, we send them the envelope with that number on it, they put money/check into the envelope that matches the number on the envelope, they send it back to us, then… BAM! Over $15,000.00!!!! Which just happens to be the amount we have left to pay for adopting this baby boy (Mathematical Genius…or maybe not).

What if the number you want has already been chosen? More mathematical genius of course!!  We IMG_3103will put multiple envelopes of smaller numbers together to equal the number you have chosen.

Where does the money to put in the envelope come from? Once you choose a number and receive your envelope, you can fill it with that amount in many different ways.   For instance: You choose #50, we send envelope #50 to you, and then you can get as creative as you want.  Maybe you’ll ask 5 family members to help by giving you $10, how about asking 10 people at work to help by giving $5, and you might have something to sell. You could always do something silly like people sponsoring you to grow a beard or cut your hair.  I’m not too creative so let me know what fun ideas you come up with!  There is always the old stand-by in case you’re not the fundraising type… you can always just right a check.  NOTE: Make checks payable to Lifesong for Orphans, on the memo line write Rankin/#4641.  This will make your donation tax deductible and ensure that it goes into our account to be used for our adoptions.

You’ve got the money, now what? Now that you have $50 to match envelope #50, place the $50 in the #50 envelope.  Put the #50 envelope into another envelope and mail it to us. Our address will be sent to you with your envelope.  By mailing it to us, we can keep account of which envelopes have been returned and which ones we are yet to come.  We can also be sure what was sent to Lifesong to have a double-check of our adoption funds.



We would like to have all the envelopes out and back by August 5th, 2015.

Since our son is due to arrive sometime in August, it will be a blessing to have these envelopes back and sent into Lifesong before we travel.

The sooner we can get the envelopes back, the sooner we will raise the money for our next payment of $5000.00 which is due in August. (In the coming days, I will post more about our adoption costs and fees, so you can better understand why we are fundraising and what our needs are.)

Please, if you feel you can, share this post with your friends and family. Lots of sharing will help to get the envelopes chosen and sent out quickly.

We say it often but it can’t be said enough…

Thank You!!


Gardening & Family Fun…

Friends have put together some AMAZING baskets for us to raffle off as part of our fundraisers this summer!!  Here are the first two and if you would like to see them in person, stop by our Pancake Breakfast where they will be on display and you can buy your tickets for a chance to win one! 

  • Pricing: 
    • 1 ticket for $2.00
    • 10 tickets for $18.00
  • Where to Purchase:
    • June 13th, 7 am – 9 am, Pancake Breakfast, Calvary Baptist Church Parking Lot, 1660 Big Horn Ave.
    • Legacy Pregnancy Resource Center
    • Email me:
  • Winner:
    • Drawing will be held June 27th.
    • Winners will be contacted by phone and the basket delivered to them.
    • We will announce the outcome of the raffle (while protecting the winners identity) here on our blog.

We are excited for you to win one of these truly wonderful baskets!! You can’t win without tickets… so get your tickets! 

A special THANK YOU to our friends, acquaintances, and area businesses for their donations and work to make these baskets to help these children get home to their forever families!!

Garden Basket:

Garden Bucket & Caddy with Garden Tool Set
Kneeling Pad
Survival Seed Vault
His & Hers Garden Gloves
Vegetable Garden Grower Book

Approximate Value: $175.00
Garden Basket

Garden Basket

Garden Basket

Garden Basket

Summer Fun Basket:

Large Embroidered Bag from 31 Gifts 
2 Beach Towels
Beach Ball
Squirt Guns
Crayola Chaulk
Surf Wyoming Shirt
Family Pool Pass to Kendrick Park Pool for 2015 Season

Approximate Value: $250.00
Family Fun Basket

Family Fun Basket

Family Fun Basket

Family Fun Basket


Haiti Adoption Update!!

So I have meaning to do a Dossier update for a long time and now I finally have the time.

One List of Documents to Acquire

One List of Documents to Acquire

Another List of Documents to Acquire and what has to be done with each document.

Another List of Documents to Acquire and what has to be done with each document.

Our Dossier (legal term for “A LOT of documents”) for Haiti is finally complete!!  WHEW!!! I’m amazed that we have made it; there were so many documents to gather, documents to notarize, appointments, phone calls, traveling for biometric fingerprints, blood work, and on and on it went.  Until this now all important moment has arrived…

USCIS Approval!!

USCIS Approval!!

Our approval from USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) means that we are all clear to adopt from Haiti!! Now all of our handwork will finally leave us and go into the hands of our Haiti adoption agency, All Blessings International.

Here is the travel itinerary for our Dossier:

1. All Notarized documents go to our State to be authenticated.

2. All the documents go to the Hatian Consulate in Chicago to be legalized.

3. All the documents go to the translator to be translated into Hatian Creole.

When a quota spot is available our Dossier will go to Haiti to be reviewed by them and for our family to be matched with an orphan(s).  This is over-simplified but it gives you an idea of where we are and where we are going.  If we get matched with a special needs child we will be moving through this process much faster.


BIG Things are happening!!

IMG_1474 IMG_1476

BIG THING #1: Thank You to you all!!

We are in the final week before the garage sale!!! This is really turning into more of a second-hand store! So many have given so much to our sale that it is beyond belief.  We can never thank everyone enough for giving their prayers, time, trailers, trucks, physical labor, belongings, encouraging words, and so much more.  There really is no way to express our humble gratitude for everyone’s endless service to our family (those at home & those not yet home) and to our Heavenly Father.

BIG THING #2: No Silent Auction during the sale

Because the size of the sale has gotten so HUGE, we have decided to forgo the Closed-Bid Silent Auction.  There isn’t time or room to add another aspect to this already very full sale.  So everything will be available in the garage sale!

BIG THING #3: Matching Grant Update

Our application to receive a matching grant from the Defending the Fatherless Fund ( a local adoption fund through Lifesong for Orphans) for the garage sale was submitted a few weeks ago.  We received word last night of their decision & the award is…


I (Shannon) was really expecting around $3000.00 so this has definitely exceeded my hopes! The way the matching grant works is that what ever amount is raised at the sale is matched up to $5000.00.  So if people give $5000.00 during the sale, it will multiply “pressed down, shaken together, and running over” (Luke 6:28) to become $10,000.00. Whew & Wahoooo!!!!  Even better, since Lifesong is a non-profit, your donations are tax deductible!!!!  So let’s get busy and pass on the word to family, friends, co-workers, & passers-by to come shopping!  Here are the details again:

Rankin Family Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale

Calvary Baptist Church 1660 Big Horn Ave, Sheridan, Wy

Friday & Saturday June 27th & 28th 8 am- 1pm