Muffin Flavors, Voting, & Rain…

Ok everybody, it is supposed to be raining tomorrow but we will have you covered! We’ll set up a couple of awnings to keep you dry so you can come get your muffins.  We have a new flavor this week that is so very good!!




Plus this…


Gives you…


Key Lime Pie Muffins!!!

I am amazed at how delicious these are! They are definitely a new favorite in our house!!

This Weeks Flavors:

Pancake & Sausage with Maple Syrup

Vanilla with Cinnamon Crumb Topping

Nutella Swirl

Salted Caramel

Coffee Cake

Key Lime Pie

We can’t wait to see you and share our yummy muffins with you!! Next week is our last week and the flavors will be fan favorites.  Be sure to vote for your favorite flavor, even a flavor from our previous years; the 6 flavors with the most votes will be what we bake for you next week!!











Muffin Mania


It was another amazing morning today!! It was supposed to rain but God kept away the rain and brought plentiful sunshine!  We got to see so many wonderful people today, make a special delivery, and donate the left over muffins (there were only 7!!) to a widowed gentleman.  Now that is a glorious day!!

My busy baking friends had made even more muffins this week and we sold nearly all of them!! Thank you so much for supporting us each week!!!!!  We also appreciate your feedback on flavors; it helps to know what you like, what we’re doing well, and where we can improve.  On May 23rd (the fourth Monday in May), our flavors will be fan favorites so be sure to message us so we can make your favorite!  We will have a couple more new flavors for next week that we will reveal in a few days so stay tuned…


Rain & Muffins for May 9th!!


See that swirl in there?! That is super delicious salted caramel!!!! Yes, you’ve got that right, one of our new flavors this week is Salted Caramel Muffins!  They are so good, we’ve already sold 2 boxes before getting to Monday!! Here are all the flavors for this week…IMG_5287



The Flavors Are…

Vanilla with Cinnamon Crumb Topping

Coffee Cake

Pancake & Sausage with Maple Syrup

Vanilla Chocolate Swirl with Chocolate Chips

Double Blueberry

Salted Caramel

Rain or shine, we will see you Monday morning!! We have awnings to cover you and keep you dry, so don’t let the rain keep you from stopping in!

Remember our muffins are sold for a donation to help us raise the over $30,000.00 it will take to bring an orphan child (or children) out of an orphanage in Haiti and home to be with us, their forever family!  Please pass on this weeks flavors to your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors!  We would love to sell out again this week and inch a little closer to raising the money that we need.

Thank You!!!!!!!



Muffin Success!

Thank You!!!

Our first Muffin Monday of 2016 was a great success!  With our extra baking help, I didn’t have to wake up Aaron at 3 am to go make muffins at the church.  This is so very huge because it meant that he could sleep until 6 am and so could his big brothers.  😉   When faced with Muffin Mondays in May this year with a 9 month old, I was really not looking forward to it and not sure how to accomplish it.  My husband said we needed to do it and so I stayed the course to get ready and prayed regularly for God to show me a different way of executing this fundraiser.  Lots of good ideas and kind offers were made but finally one stuck that worked…friends baking from their homes!  This way we could get more baked because there would be more ovens and our kids could keep getting the rest they need.  Perfect!  I knew God would work it out, He always does, but He always surprises me in His ways because they are never mine.  

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord

Isaiah 55:8

Our first Monday this year had absolutely amazing weather! It was warm and the sun was so bright, truly a beautiful morning.  As we waved at the cars going by I never would have expected little Aaron’s excitement!  He was jumping and smiling, flapping his arms and laughing.  He loved it!


We got to see familiar faces and meet new ones too; everyone was so kind and joyful. Our newest flavor, Nutella Swirl, was a big hit and will probably be making an appearance again later this month so if you missed your chance to get one, keep watching for our flavors each week so you’ll know when to come back for one.  Just before finishing at 9 am, we SOLD OUT!!!!  I felt bad for the few people (one of which was my husband) who came and the muffins were all gone.  Since we didn’t have to get up as early and with the extra rest we had gotten, we were able to enjoy the rest of our day and not need a 2 hour afternoon nap!  The boys first request was to go to the park to celebrate selling out of muffins. 🙂


Thank you for making our Muffin Mondays in May so Memorable!!


Muffin Mondays in May!!!

IMG_5193We are so excited to start Muffin Mondays again!!!

We have such a great time seeing all of you each year and seeing new faces too!  The support and encouragement we have received from all of you as been priceless to each of us.  Thank you for caring so much for our family and for the orphans who need forever families!!!!  This year we have a precious, new little face for you to meet (if you haven’t already ;-))  As always none of our events are done in our own strength and wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have so much love and support from our friends and family!!!  Since we do have an extra little helper this year, we have gotten extra help from dear friends in getting your muffins “Fresh Baked and Served Warm” for you.  All of the muffins were also made with local eggs that were donated by a precious friend.  You can buy as many or as few as you would like for a donation, we do not have prices.  As always, you can pre-order and we will have them warm and ready for you to pick up.  With our Haiti adoption moving an entire year faster than we expected we have a lot of saving and fundraising to do!! So please come see us starting this Monday, Aaron will have his smile on and be ready to see you!

Now for the important part…


This year we have your regular favorites and some amazing new creations for each week.  Here are the flavors for our first Muffin Monday of 2016 (May 2nd):

Vanilla With Cinnamon Crumb Topping

Pancake and Sausage with Maple Syrup

Honey Cinnamon

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl with Chocolate Chips

Zucchini Bread

Our new flavor for this week, drum roll please…..

Nutella Swirl!!


Haiti Update!!!!!

“You’re in!”

Hmmm, I wonder what we’re “in”? 

Last week we received an email from our Haiti Adoption Coordinator with the subject line, “You’re in!”  I wondered what it meant, maybe we were in the schedule for upcoming phone calls that our agency was doing.  I opened the email and there was an attachment of a form from Haiti in Haitian Creole.  Our coordinator explained that the Haitian form was a receipt showing that our dossier had been received by IBESR!  In Haiti, IBESR is basically the government office that reviews family dossiers and children who need adopting.  They are the office that chooses a child or children that they feel our family is a good match for. This is much earlier than we expected…like a year earlier!!!!!!!  We aren’t sure why exactly and didn’t ask; it doesn’t really matter the reason why because we know Who has ordered these events for this time.  God is working, moving, and doing something on behalf of precious souls in Haiti.  Please join us in praising Him for moving in this way!!  Now, there is no “normal” or “average” in Haiti so we don’t know how long we will wait for our referral.  It could be a couple months, it could be many months.  As our coordinator put it, now we “wait”.  This is a season of waiting, both for our family and our child or children that are not home with us (yet!).  As we get any more information we will be sure to share it with you, so stay tuned!

We also ask for your prayers:

Pray for the staff in the IBESR office to be guided by the Lord in their decisions and recommendations in choosing children for our family.

Ask God to sift through the many papers in the IBESR office and bring our papers together with the child(ren) that He has always planned to place in our family.

Pray for these orphans to be loved, cared for, protected, and sustained by God.  In Haiti a child isn’t even available for adoption until they are 2-3 years old.  There are many reasons for this, but more importantly they are waiting.  Waiting for a family, waiting for a home, waiting to know where they belong, and waiting to know where and when they will go.  Once they are matched with a family, there is still more waiting that can take 4-6 months or longer to finally go home to their forever family.  They need us to intercede for them, please join us in bringing these little & big ones to the throne of God!

An Update that is overdue…

Hello Everyone!!  We have missed keeping up to date with all of you, life has been wonderfully full since Aaron’s homecoming.  Our homeschooling as gotten re-established in it’s new routine that works around the naps and noises of a little one.  😉  Since the beginning of November one or all of us have had a cold or illness of one type or another.  There have been a couple of weeks when all of us were well but that usually changes rather quickly.  We are grateful to not have had the flu, so it’s not too bad!  In December we appeared in Florida Court via telephone and were able to finalize Aaron’s adoption!!!!!  I honestly was surprised to find out that when I logged in to send you this update, I hadn’t sent this information out to you already. Sorry about that!!!  Ryan’s mom came for a visit to meet her newest grandson and she will be here again in a couple of weeks to see how he has grown.


Here we are after our court hearing! So happy and such an amazing time!!!

Aaron LOVES to jump and bounce, he giggles a lot, is so happy, and has an amazing smile!! He is sitting up, has starting eating solid foods, rolls over and is just beginning to work on crawling.  He is truly a wonderful blessing to each of us!!!


He really enjoys books…..reading them and eating them. 😉

We continue to stay in touch with Aaron’s birthmother and her family.  They are such wonderful people and we are amazed at how God has grown our families together to be one family.  His thoughts and ways are not ours and are far greater than ours!!  At this time, we do not have a relationship with Aaron’s birthfather.  We pray for him regularly and hope for a time when we can have a connection with him.

It still amazes us and leaves us without words how all of you and many more have prayed for us, encouraged us, supported us, helped us, and donated financially.  You have been used by God to do His mighty redemptive work.  Thank you.  Thank you for caring, for obeying God’s call, for serving, for loving, and for making this possible.

With Much Love, The Rankin’s