Our International Adoption

December 3, 2014

Quite a lot has happened these past 7 months…

We have learned of all the changes happening in Haiti as to how adoptions will be processed and completed.  So far, everything looks and sounds good to meet the needs of these orphaned children and match them with their forever families.  Our agency has done a wonderful job keeping us up to date on all these changes, guiding us through the paperwork requirements, and how the children in Haiti are doing.  We hope to complete our part of the Dossier by the end of December and then hopefully the U.S. Immigration Approval and Home Study will come shortly there after.  Then we will be ready to send off our Dossier!! At which point it will be painstakingly checked for accuracy and completeness, authenticated, translated, and legalized.  Once that is done, our Dossier goes to Haiti for their approval!! EeeeK! We are so excited to be getting through all of our paper requirements and close to the next phase, approval.  For now we most anticipate the phase of waiting for a child or children to be referred to our family.  

April 29, 2014

In the past few months we have been awakened to the plight of the waiting orphan. These are children who have special needs, sibling groups, and/or are getting older while waiting to be adopted. Often children who fall into these categories are not as quickly chosen for adoption and thus wait. Our Provider has blessed us far beyond what we need or deserve and we must share it!  So after seeking His direction for us, we are planning to adopt from Haiti.  At this point we are prayerfully talking to agencies, asking questions, and checking references to find the agency we are to be working with.  Follow our blog by clicking on the links to the right or check back in for updates!haiti-1


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