Muffin Monday Wrap-Up

Our final Muffin Monday was a whirlwind and great success!!  It was exciting to see so many of you out in the rain to support us!  We finished off with all our muffin flavors, joyful hello’s, and quick good-byes (so you could get out of the rain!)  We did get our cover up quickly though and were able to keep everyone and everything dry.

We sold all but 18 muffins, which were donated to a precious family.  Our sons really wanted to reach a particular number that day, so they donated from their own earnings. We continue to be encouraged by the generosity and faith of our children!!  Our final Muffin Monday for 2017 raised…


Our total amount raised for 2017….


Just what we need!!!

Whew! It’s always a whirlwind during muffin season in our house but it’s fantastic and we’re ready for some rest when it’s finished. 😉 Each year you all amaze us with your generosity, prayers, continued support, coming each week, and your excitement for helping us adopt through our muffins.  You need to know that each year you help us raise enough money to cover our USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) approval, which costs $1300-$1600 per year!!!!  (The amount changes due to different requirements for different years. It’s complicated, but I will be explaining it all soon.)  Since 2017 is the 3rd year we will be renewing our approval, that means you have supported us to cover over $4000.00 in fees!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so very, very much for being instruments of the Lord as He provides all we need!!!


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