Muffin Mondays in May are Back!!!

Boy it has been so long since I have made post but this is a fun one to make~

Our 4th annual adoption fundraiser, Muffin Mondays in May, begins tomorrow!!!!

Starting tomorrow, May 1st from 7am – 9am, we will be out in the Calvary Baptist Church parking lot selling warm, freshly baked muffins for donations.  It’s a delicious start to your day and we quickly serve you the muffins of your choice so you can enjoy them on the way to school or work.  You can even buy a box to take to your child’s classroom or take to work.  For those of you who are new to our sight here’s the scoop as to why I, along with our 3 sons, get up at 3 am to bake muffins.


We are adopting one or two children from Haiti.  It will cost $47,000 to over $60,000 to do this and that is cash we just don’t have.  So we do fundraisers along with saving money and applying for grants.  While it is daunting in many more aspects than just the finances, God has called us and we are trusting HIM and obeying HIM.  Later this week I will be posting about our last year (Since it’s been that long sine I have posted! ;-)), the status of our Haiti adoption, along with an update on our son that we adopted from within the US 19 months ago.  Also later this month, I will be explaining in more detail why it costs so much to adopt and where the money goes.  Until then here is the yumminess we will be serving to our community tomorrow morning!!

Muffin Flavors for May 1st, 2017!!!

Pancake & Sausage with Maple Syrup

Vanilla with Cinnamon Crumb Topping

Nutella Swirl


Coffee Cake

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl with Chocolate Chips

7 am – 9 am at Calvary Baptist Church

1660 Big Horn Ave


Rain or Shine, we’ll see you in the morning’!!