Muffin Success!

Thank You!!!

Our first Muffin Monday of 2016 was a great success!  With our extra baking help, I didn’t have to wake up Aaron at 3 am to go make muffins at the church.  This is so very huge because it meant that he could sleep until 6 am and so could his big brothers.  😉   When faced with Muffin Mondays in May this year with a 9 month old, I was really not looking forward to it and not sure how to accomplish it.  My husband said we needed to do it and so I stayed the course to get ready and prayed regularly for God to show me a different way of executing this fundraiser.  Lots of good ideas and kind offers were made but finally one stuck that worked…friends baking from their homes!  This way we could get more baked because there would be more ovens and our kids could keep getting the rest they need.  Perfect!  I knew God would work it out, He always does, but He always surprises me in His ways because they are never mine.  

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord

Isaiah 55:8

Our first Monday this year had absolutely amazing weather! It was warm and the sun was so bright, truly a beautiful morning.  As we waved at the cars going by I never would have expected little Aaron’s excitement!  He was jumping and smiling, flapping his arms and laughing.  He loved it!


We got to see familiar faces and meet new ones too; everyone was so kind and joyful. Our newest flavor, Nutella Swirl, was a big hit and will probably be making an appearance again later this month so if you missed your chance to get one, keep watching for our flavors each week so you’ll know when to come back for one.  Just before finishing at 9 am, we SOLD OUT!!!!  I felt bad for the few people (one of which was my husband) who came and the muffins were all gone.  Since we didn’t have to get up as early and with the extra rest we had gotten, we were able to enjoy the rest of our day and not need a 2 hour afternoon nap!  The boys first request was to go to the park to celebrate selling out of muffins. 🙂


Thank you for making our Muffin Mondays in May so Memorable!!


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