An Update that is overdue…

Hello Everyone!!  We have missed keeping up to date with all of you, life has been wonderfully full since Aaron’s homecoming.  Our homeschooling as gotten re-established in it’s new routine that works around the naps and noises of a little one.  😉  Since the beginning of November one or all of us have had a cold or illness of one type or another.  There have been a couple of weeks when all of us were well but that usually changes rather quickly.  We are grateful to not have had the flu, so it’s not too bad!  In December we appeared in Florida Court via telephone and were able to finalize Aaron’s adoption!!!!!  I honestly was surprised to find out that when I logged in to send you this update, I hadn’t sent this information out to you already. Sorry about that!!!  Ryan’s mom came for a visit to meet her newest grandson and she will be here again in a couple of weeks to see how he has grown.


Here we are after our court hearing! So happy and such an amazing time!!!

Aaron LOVES to jump and bounce, he giggles a lot, is so happy, and has an amazing smile!! He is sitting up, has starting eating solid foods, rolls over and is just beginning to work on crawling.  He is truly a wonderful blessing to each of us!!!


He really enjoys books…..reading them and eating them. 😉

We continue to stay in touch with Aaron’s birthmother and her family.  They are such wonderful people and we are amazed at how God has grown our families together to be one family.  His thoughts and ways are not ours and are far greater than ours!!  At this time, we do not have a relationship with Aaron’s birthfather.  We pray for him regularly and hope for a time when we can have a connection with him.

It still amazes us and leaves us without words how all of you and many more have prayed for us, encouraged us, supported us, helped us, and donated financially.  You have been used by God to do His mighty redemptive work.  Thank you.  Thank you for caring, for obeying God’s call, for serving, for loving, and for making this possible.

With Much Love, The Rankin’s




One thought on “An Update that is overdue…

  1. Keshia says:

    It’s good to see your smiling faces! Glad everything is going smoothly with the adopting. Aaron seems so happy and healthy. Blessing to your family. Sending continued prayers your way.

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