Wonderful News!

Aaron’s Adoption Update

We have spent the last couple of months really enjoying each other. ¬†See pictures below ūüėČ ! ¬†Watching Aaron grow, attach to each of us, and get healthy as been so precious. ¬†So far Aaron is not showing any developmental issues and his nervous system is continuing to heal. ¬†He is making a lot of sounds and noises, drooling¬†a lot, smiling HUGE smiles, and giggling. ¬†We are all crazy about him!!!

Your prayers have been essential to Aaron’s situation!

Since our last update, we filed Termination of Parental Rights against Aaron’s father. ¬†He had 30 days to appeal and he did not. ¬†There is a lot more detail to the events that have occurred over the last two months but they do not need to be gone through on the internet. ¬†Since he did not appeal the Termination of his Rights, the court will Terminate his Rights as Aaron’s father. ¬†With great joy we are happy, no¬†ECSTATIC!!,¬†to announce that the courts have given us a court date on Dec. 4th for us to go before the judge to have our adoption of Aaron finalized! ¬†This means that Aaron will legally be forever with our family!!! ¬†

God has…

  • Preserved Aaron’s life in the womb when there was no chance for life.
  • Guided & strengthened Aaron’s mom to make an extremely difficult, selfless, and loving decision for her son.
  • Cleaned and healed Aaron’s body from the drugs he was exposed to in the womb.
  • Increased our faith and trust in His plan, timing, and our ability to surrender ourselves and our children to Him.
  • Brought two families together forever that were complete strangers just a few months ago.
  • Has rescued & redeemed Aaron’s life from darkness and addiction to light and freedom.
  • Been our great provider; having provided all the money needed, all the endurance, and the healing of many illnesses.
  • Set Aaron’s mother in a long-term rehab when there was no where for her to go to seek sobriety.
  • Protected Aaron from his father’s lifestyle and inability to care for & protect Aaron. ¬†There is no greater protection than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!
  • Shown His great, great, great magnificent love that He has for us all!
  • …And so much more with more to come!

If the Lord brings us to your mind on Friday, shout praises to Him on Aaron’s behalf. ¬†Please continue to pray for Aaron’s birth parents who need His transforming power to set them free and bring them to complete freedom which is only found in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, support, donations, volunteering, and so much more…your investment has made an eternal difference!

Please enjoy these photos and then read the update on our Haiti adoption that follows.

Haiti Adoption Update

We received word 2 weeks ago that our Dossier has been sent to Haiti!!!! ¬†I would love to tell you that this means we are moving through quicker than a snails pace but that is not so. ¬†Haiti doesn’t do “quick”. ¬†Our Dossier will now sit and wait in Haiti for about a year until our family can be presented to be matched with a child or children. ¬†It is fantastic news that all our part is complete and has been accepted and has moved on to the next step!!!! ¬†It is even greater that God will bring us together with the rest of our family at the perfect time for us all!

In Him,

The Rankins