Carnival Wrap-Up

IMG_6131We had a wonderful night!!!  It was a blessing to see everyone and have you all meet Aaron!  Shiloh Valley Farms created a fun petting zoo that all of the kids thoroughly enjoyed…which confirmed for me and our sons that we would like to have goats! (We should be able to have 1 or 2 goats in Sheridan…just saying! 😉 )   Dinner was so delicious and the cotton candy & popcorn were tasty.  The Silent Auction was full of amazing gifts that so many of you are now able to enjoy!

IMG_6016 IMG_6148

There were many people working in the days leading up to the carnival, as well as that day, and through the night.  Fundraisers and events of this size do not happen and are not successful without others volunteering!!!  To all of you who have helped, we want to say a…



Over 100 people came to celebrate Aaron’s adoption and to support our goal of reaching $5000.00.  Remember, we received a matching grant for $5000.00, so that made it easy to have a goal for the night!  After all the money from the evening was counted, we raised over…



Thank you so very, very much to everyone who came and helped us reach this goal!!!!!!

This means we have over $10,000.00 in our adoption account and it also means that we have all the funds we need to finish paying for Aaron’s adoption.  It also means there is a little extra, so we have funds to pay for the next step in our Haiti Adoption!!!!

We have to admit that we weren’t sure how much we would raise.  God has called us to adoption and He is faithful.  We do not know how He is going to handle the details or even when but we do know He doesn’t leave us or forsake us! Our hope is in the Lord!!  Thank you for being a part of His work and joining Him in what He is doing!

IMG_6114 IMG_6038


See you tomorrow night!!!!!!!

We are ready to have great food, fun, and fellowship with you all!

We are so thankful & excited that along with all the Carnival Games, there will also be a small petting zoo!

As there are many sporting activities tomorrow night we know we may miss some of you but know that you can just stop in for a quick bite if that fits your schedule.

Silent Auction Items:

There is something for everyone….

A Western Tack Basket, Reading Baskets, BBQ Basket, Silk Trees & Plants, a Lamp with matching Candlesticks, and Hair & Skin Products.


So come have fun and maybe win something in the Auction!  See ya’ there!!!




Carnival & Adoption Update

Only 1 week until the Carnival Fundraiser & Reception


Things are quickly coming together to really make this a super fun family night!  Many businesses have been very generous and supportive.  We could not be doing this without their donations!!

Thank You to the following businesses!!!!

Walgreens provided ALL the paper goods we need!!!

The Powder Horn donated Golf Passes for the Silent Auction!!!

State Farm Agent Ann Gardner & other area businesses provided the Cotton Candy Machine & Supplies!!!

Let ‘Er Buck Car Wash donated Car Wash Passes for the Silent Auction!!!

The YMCA donated to the Silent Auction!!!

The Good Health Emporium donated to the Silent Auction!!!

Hair GripZ donated hair care products & accessories to the Silent Auction!!!

Melanie Araas Design & Photography donated to the Silent Auction!!!

Sheridan Wesleyan Church is providing carnival games!!!

…and more!!

So many friends have donated HUGE additional items to the Silent Auction, we will slowly reveal these and other items through the coming week leading up to the Carnival.  Stay tuned so you can be as excited as we are and so you can start picking out the item(s) you want to be sure to win the bid for!!

Other businesses are still considering how they can help and we’ll be sure to let you know about them as things are confirmed.  Family and friends keep coming forward to volunteer & donate.  God has been unveiling His plans for this night each day and I am so thankful that this is not on my shoulders or about how I can pull this together at the last minute.  I think God changed things along the way just so this would be a last minute event.  He knows that if given too much time, I will plan and plan and plan and plan and…you get the picture.  Eventually I make things so challenging that they overtake my life.  My wonderful husband is so good to keep me focused on only what is needed and keeping things simple.  Not only does this help me but it protects me; his protection keeps me from running amuck, stressing out, getting exhausted, being overwhelmed, and getting my priorities out of whack.  God designed him to be my protector and helpmeet… mine… just perfect for me.  Thank you Heavenly Father for your great love and design!!

Don’t forget that this is a night that you don’t have to plan or prepare dinner!!  We are serving Pulled Pork Sundaes, YUM! There is no set cost for dinner, it is by donation.  For dessert there is Cotton Candy & Popcorn for $1 a bag.

For entertainment there are lots of Carnival Games and possibly some other fun items but we’ll just have to let you know about those in a couple of days! 😉  The games and any other activities are free and just for fun!!

Adoption Update


Aaron’s mom has thankfully been able to get into a long-term rehab.  She is doing well and getting focused on a new path in life.  Please continue to pray for her salvation, she will need the power of God’s might to overcome her addictions and lifestyle.  Her family is doing well and knows that God is comforting them after the loss of Aaron’s grandfather.  We are thankful for the relationship we have with all of Aaron’s maternal family and so glad that they will always be a part of Aaron’s life and our lives.  Our family hasn’t grown by one but by many! This is a family that only God could bring together.

Aaron’s father continues to work in secret and in the darkness against this adoption, please pray for him to know truth and accept Christ as his savior!  In the last few days some deception has been revealed and was hard to hear.  I am not able to share the details here but please know that Aaron and our family need your daily, heartfelt prayers for protection, endurance, and wisdom.  We are really good and God is working all of this together for good because we love Him and are doing what He has called us to according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).  All the paperwork needed to finalize our adoption has been filed in court and now we are just waiting for the required waiting period before a judge can sign off on it.  Because of the deception that we learned of, we will have to run a notice in the newspaper.  This doesn’t change our adoption finalization it just adds to and lengthens the process.  It’s not over ’til it’s over though and this is why your prayers are so needed and precious to us!

Seeing how hard Satan fights to keep people in darkness and in bondage to sin makes me reflect on the Great Commission.  Do I, share the Gospel, the Good News, with as much determination, intensity, and all out fight to save those who are lost?

IMG_3979 IMG_3878

God has done great and huge things for us all, even this little one.  This little one the Lord is in all out battle to redeem and change his lineage from this point forward!  To set him free from his parents bondage.  To protect him from the path that he was brought into and to set him on a new path, our Heavenly Father’s path of righteousness.  Just as God brought Moses out of Egypt and then took him back to set God’s people free, maybe Aaron is being brought out from that world to be prepared by God to go back and bring light, hope, and eternal life through the Gospel into such a painful, destructive place.  Only God knows and we are excited to see His bigger plan for all of us in all of this!

Reception & Fundraiser

“Come one, Come All to our Carnival for a Cause!”

Click on this link for details: Carnival Poster

We have been awarded a $5000.00 matching grant from Hand in Hand Christian Adoption!! This means that any funds we raise will be matched up to $5000.00!!!!!! Can you believe it?!?! This will be so helpful in completing the costs of adopting Aaron and getting us a great start on the cost of our Haiti adoption.  So to raise funds for the grant we are having a Carnival fundraiser event (this is the last one this year…PROMISE!!!).

More importantly, this evening is to be with all of you.  For a couple of years now you have prayed for us, bought our muffins, volunteered a TON of your time, worked in the pouring rain, helped us to set-up and clean-up, cooked, served, and donated financially.  Aaron’s homecoming is a result of the body of Christ and the community of Sheridan showing their love in word and deed.  So…

IMG_3802 IMG_3874 IMG_3897

You need to meet Aaron!!!!!!

IMG_3821 IMG_3849

Come meet him and say hello while letting us say thank you for your part in Aaron’s story and praising God for all He has done and is yet to do!!

We have been given incredible items for the Silent Auction and we’ll be putting out some teasers in the coming days leading up to the Carnival so you can be as excited as we are! There are carnival games for kids to play, BBQ dinner, and more that we will announce as we put things in place.  The cost for dinner is by donation and all proceeds from the evening are going toward meeting our matching grant goal of $5000.00.

This is a busy time of year, we tried to get a weekend date at the Fairgrounds but they are booked through November.  Since our matching grant from Hand in Hand Christian Adoption has to be fulfilled by October, we have to have this Carnival and Reception in September.  We understand that weeknights are already full with activities but we would love to see you if you can come for any amount of time that you are able.  Think of it as a Family Date Night and you don’t have to cook dinner!

Carnival Fundraiser & Reception

Celebration & Support for the Rankin Family Adoptions

Thursday, September 24th, 5 pm – 8 pm

Sheridan County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall