We’re Home!!! We’re Home!!!!  We’re Home!!!!!!!!!!!

We spent the day after Disney doing laundry, resting, packing, and playing by the pool.

IMG_3690 IMG_3702 IMG_3709I even tried Gator Tail! It was good, no distinct flavor and not weird!!


Early Monday, we took a cab to the airport and began our journey home. At 19 days old, Aaron has been to Disney World, ridden in cabs, gone on Amusement rides, been hospitalized, recovered from his mom’s substance abuse, was in 3 states in 1 day, and traveled over the U.S. in a plane.  For a little guy, he has had a big life so far!

IMG_3719 IMG_3721

During our layover in Denver, I called our pediatrician to get an appointment for the boys that same afternoon.  Riley had developed a full body, bright red, splotchy rash on Sunday.  It wasn’t itchy, Benadryl didn’t help, and even his lips, eyes, and ears were swollen.  Luke coughed almost the entire flight from Florida to Denver.  I have developed a while new level of compassion for families that are traveling.  We were the family that everyone dreads seeing get on the plane…a newborn, a child with a hacking cough, and a child covered & swollen with a bright red rash! What a sight we were!! I’m sure people wondered why we were sharing our germs but we needed to get home.

IMG_3724Once we landed in Gillette, we were super surprised to see our dear friends had drove from Sheridan to see us!! 

Next we went to GG’s house! We really hadn’t eaten all day and she had a perfect lunch ready for us! Here are Aaron’s first moments with his GG!!

 IMG_3726 IMG_3725

Since we needed to get to our doctor appointment, we couldn’t stay long.  Our next stop…the pediatrician’s office.  After thorough exams and doing blood work on Riley we don’t now much but here is what we do know:

Riley: His rash is likely an allergic reaction to his antibiotic.  He still has a cough and a fever.

Luke: His pneumonia is worse, his oxygen levels are down, and he still has a fever.  In the doctors words, “He has a toe in the door at the hospital.”

So, the boys are on inhalers and we’re pushing fluids and rest.  Now we pray and wait and see.  I am feeling much better, Ryan & Aaron are healthy so far!!

After going to the lab, we finally were home!!!!!!!!!  We were greeted by lovely signs welcoming us home in our drive-way, doorway, and on our fridge.  The love, support, and prayers from all of you have brought us such comfort and joy!!  Aaron slept well his first night at home and was bright eyed this morning!


We are very grateful for your ongoing prayers!!!  When we’re healthy, we look forward to seeing you all!



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