“Rankin Family, you just adopted a baby boy! Now what are you going to do?” “We’re going to Disney World!”

Hey everyone, sorry for not doing updates the last few days. Our internet connection was so poor that I couldn’t do any posts.

Thursday evening after Aaron was discharged we met with his birth mother and her family. It was a special time and great for Aaron to get pictures with more of his family. Now we know them more and will be able to keep Aaron connected to all the branches of his family. We have great pictures of us all that will be special for Aaron. In order to protect their privacy, I won’t be sharing them here.

On Friday we said our goodbyes to the staff at the Ronald McDonald House.

This incredible place was our home away from home for 15 days. When we got the call that Aaron had been born, we flew out the next day. We had plane tickets to Orlando but had no idea where we would stay once we landed. We had done our research prior to traveling and knew that there was no hotel within 5 miles of the hotel. Our only hope was Ronald McDonald House, which is next door to the hospital, hopefully they would have room. During our 3 hour layover in Houston was when I called RMH to explain our situation. 5 minutes before boarding the plane I got the call that our application was approved and they had a room for us that night!!!! Thank you Jesus, for taking care of us!!

That evening we arrived to a warm, bright smile that showed us our lovely room, the game room, the craft room, the playroom, the laundry, and the kitchen! It was a very wonderful place and provided a great respite away from the hospital, especially for Riley and Luke.

Amazing volunteers, groups, and businesses donated lunch and dinner each day!! I can’t describe the relief it was to have a home within walking distance to the hospitals so we could easily get to Aaron throughout each day. I didn’t have to figure out what food we were going to eat, where I would get it, and when I would cook it!! All this for free, they suggest a donation of $20 a night but won’t ask for and don’t expect it. We are blessed that family members have donated our amount for staying at RMH. This is a charity we will always support! If there is one near you, please find a way to support them; donate items on their wish list, bring a meal, pay for a meal, or donate financially.

The RMH’s are not owned by McDonald’s, they are the chosen charity of McDonald’s. McDonald’s donations make up 20% of the donations needed & received. All the rest comes from donations, fundraising, and grants.

They were so great to us that there aren’t words to fully describe it! Then they gave us all passes to Disney World!?!? They felt that since we had come so far and were so close, that we couldn’t miss Disney World.

Crazy though it seems, considering we were sick and recovering from pneumonia and had a newborn who had just finished detoxing from drugs. The boys really wanted to go and we wanted them to have to this treat after going to the hospital everyday for 2 weeks. Our plan was to just go at our own pace and leave when everyone was ready. It worked; Aaron did great, Riley and Luke got to see and ride just what they wanted, and memories were made.







Travel Tip!!!
If you have a choice, don’t go to Florida in the summer and during hurricane season. 😉 Thankfully we didn’t experience hurricanes but our day at Disney ended with what felt like a tropical storm!!



Thank you Ronald McDonald House of Orlando for making our stay so peaceful and comfortable!!

Thank you Heavenly Father for your provision!! For what seemed impossible was possible with God!!!!


One thought on ““Rankin Family, you just adopted a baby boy! Now what are you going to do?” “We’re going to Disney World!”

  1. Brandy says:

    This is so amazing to hear! We are so very excited for you all and can’t wait for you to be back in Wyo! What a fun way to end your stay there 🙂

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