15 days later…

Before I begin this post, you need to know where I am as I type. I’m in a bedroom, it’s early morning, all three of my sons and my wonderful husband are sleeping soundly…together…in the same room!!!!!!!

YES!!!! This means we were discharged yesterday afternoon!!!!!!!! Goodbye wonderful hospitals!!

I mentioned in the last post about the hospital where Aaron was born. When Aaron was 7 days old, the staff at Winnie Palmer really wanted all of us to be together. Rather than being separated between the nursery and the waiting area, they wanted brothers to begin bonding with each other. So they arranged for us to be transferred to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. This would provide us a patient room where we would all be allowed to stay, visit, hold, and just plain be together.

This move happened on the same day that my mom arrived so now she could hold him!!!!

Riley and Luke could be with Aaron again and not be apart from each other anymore.


IMG_3487Everyone couldn’t wait for their turn!

Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital has wonderful staff that are really dedicated to patients, their comfort, and caring for the whole family.

IMG_3562 We received the best care and they were very careful to gently ween Aaron off of the morphine while managing his withdrawals. They really wanted to be sure that Aaron wouldn’t have any need to return to the hospital. Sadly both of these great hospitals know all to well how to treat and care for these babies.
While providing a room for us to be together, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital also provided a place for Riley and Luke to play so they could take a break from the hospital room.







IMG_3506The castle has old Disney movies playing in it, the ship is huge, and there are many sound makers too.

Here he is all dressed and ready to go!


IMG_3629-0Aaron’s first time ever being outside! Freedom!!!!

Thank you Jesus for keeping Aaron safe, for his recovery, and for Your strength!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers that have done so very much!!!


3 thoughts on “15 days later…

  1. Bethany says:

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you so much for keeping us updated through this journey, Shannon. We continue to pray for you all and are so thankful for all the good news. Thank you, Jesus for protecting Aaron and the rest of the Rankin family. Please, Lord, continue to heal them all and weave Aaron tightly into this family. Amen.

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