Luke’s condition continued to worsen Sunday, so after consulting our pediatrician at home we headed to the emergency room. Yep, one son hospitalized and one in the ER of the same hospital.


After 3 hours of breathing treatments, x-rays, and examinations, Luke was diagnosed with pneumonia. Riley needed to be seen too but was just too tired, it was 11:30 when Luke was done, so we planned to have Riley checked in the morning. With the great help of our nurses on Aaron’s floor we were able to find an Urgent Care that we could walk to. With grateful hearts we found out that Riley is sick but his lungs are clear!!! Now the boys are on antibiotics and Luke has an inhaler. This is the beginning of the road to recovery.

Ryan is bringing antibiotics and an inhaler to me from our doctor and pharmacy in Sheridan. Why not just get it here you ask? Because the prescription in Sheridan costs $15 but here it costs $130!!!!

I’ve learned a lot about medical costs in the last 24 hours. Like when paying cash at the ER you get a 65% discount! Not all pharmacy’s charge the same amount; Riley and Luke’s antibiotics were $60 at one pharmacy and $14 at another and free at yet another.

Aaron’s scores were 11, then 7, then 4. Because there were two high numbers, they did not ween his morphine dose.

Ryan arrives this afternoon and we cannot wait!!!!! Our first day together!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are very grateful for all the prayers you are saying for us!!! This is challenging, yet by God’s power it is ok. There is no match for the power of prayer to Almighty God!!



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