God’s Messages

On Sunday we had such wonderful blessings!

To begin the day, my mom had sent a text of her devotional:

“Good morning Mt 7:7 Luke 18: 1-8, 13 “the persistent widow” my devotional for today😊 keep asking keep praying keep seeking love you guys”

It was a good reminder that God wants us to ask; to joyfully and patiently keep asking. I can’t control or change any of the many things happening in our lives right now. I know that we are obeying His call in our lives to adopt Aaron. Obedience and praying without ceasing puts us in the center of God’s will. He has promised to work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. God cannot lie and He will never fail. Therefore I can have peace and strength in the joy of the Lord that we will be ok, we will get better, this will all pass, and Aaron will be ok.

Around noon on Sunday we met the housekeeper for our room. This dear sister in Christ was sent by the Lord. She prayed over all of us and spoke scripture to me. What a treasure she has been and we are so thankful for her. She is submitting herself to God and He used her to speak His word to us. Our friends name is, Magda. When you pray for us, be sure to thank God for her!!

Family and friends, your prayers have resulted in so much comfort, peace, and strength!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


These pictures are from Saturday, when the brothers could still be close to each other.


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