Ups and Downs

Aaron’s numbers were down two days in a row and they continued to reduce his morphine dose!!!

Yesterday my mom had to go home, her help was invaluable! Last night I had to stay with Riley and Luke so I couldn’t stay with Aaron. The nurses watched over him, however his withdrawal numbers went up. There is just no substitute for cuddling with mom! The doctor still reduced his morphine dose today, if this continues his last day of morphine could be tomorrow. It is actually helpful for Aaron to have this different situation with the nurses because the doctors can see how he handles stressors and if he can be consoled. If he can’t cope away from me and a perfectly controlled environment, then he will have out of control withdrawals when we leave the hospital. This could lead to no sleeping, no eating, weight loss, and worse case…seizures.



The boys have enjoyed venturing out, while my mom was here we found a nearby Barber Shop. These barbers were something to see! They were fast, detailed, and perfectionists.



We learned some interesting information yesterday about the hospital that Aaron was born in. There are 15,000 births in this one hospital every year!! That is more than any other hospital in the world. Of all those births they have many babies who don’t have a family. The mothers and fathers leave them at the hospital and the hospital has to keep them until DFS can find a home for them. If only there were a way to connect all the waiting adoptive families with these babies!


Prayers and Praises

Praise God for His healing work in Aaron!

So thankful to God for wonderful sons who have been a blessing and honor to be the mother of! Riley and Luke have been so patient, tolerant, understanding, and accommodating throughout this process!

Yay! Ryan has plane tickets and is coming on Tuesday!!!!!

I’m grateful for this precious baby boy snuggled on my chest and curling his toes into my tummy!

Pray that God would give wisdom to the doctors to make the best decisions for Aaron.

Prior to Aaron’s arrival I had the onset of pneumonia and was still on medicine when we traveled to Florida. I continued to get better but have started to get some symptoms back. My doctor has called prescriptions in for me. Please pray that I won’t get worse and that I will heal.

With the heat and humidity outside and the cold dry air inside, being away from home, and not sleeping as well; we need God’s protection of health and healing!


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