Muffin Monday Wrap-Up

Thank You, Sheridan!

Our 2nd Muffin Monday in May was a wonderful success!!!!  In total we made over 887 muffins from scratch, rose early and baked them fresh to serve them warm to all of you!!

In return, you greeted us with smiles, waves, honks, and hugs all while very generously supporting our adoptions and helping us raise… 


It was such an amazing time!! Last year, the boys would take a cat nap while some of the baking was getting done.  Not this year!  They stayed awake the entire time and were excited to help with the baking.


We will be testing and tasting new flavors through the winter and be ready to serve you some warm, fresh muffins with love in May 2016!  Until then we will be happy to not get up at 3:30 am for awhile! 😉

Psalm 127:2 “…For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep”


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