We have received the call from our agency that we have been waiting for…

“she has chosen your family.”

Our family has been chosen by a birth mother to be the forever family for her baby boy!!  We are so very excited and yet somewhat reserved; as many of you know in adoption nothing is for certain until the paperwork is completed and your child is home with you.  That said, we are beginning the tentative travel plans, choosing a name (Yay!), and soon we’ll start getting out all the baby goodies (so cute!)!!  We have already sent a letter to the birth mom and look forward to how God will shape our relationship with her, she too is forever a part of our family.

You know, it is hard to believe that after 3 years of prayer, research, paperwork, home studies, fingerprints, updates, fundraisers, and having our family profile shown to approximately 20 mothers (or more) we will be going to pick up our new son this summer!!

Please keep this mother in your prayers; may she come to know Jesus as her Savior through this situation, to be healthy throughout the pregnancy, and for the Lord’s strength and love to carry her through such a difficult time.  Also, be praying for this baby boy to be healthy!

A crib to hold a special little one soon!

A crib to hold a special little one soon!



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