Muffin Madness Update

Wowzers! This last Muffin Monday was busy and great!!  We had to have help this week to  fill all of the orders and make more muffins for everyone stopping by.  Our dear friend cooked liked crazy to help us keep up.  We made 25 dozen muffins!!!  AAaahhh! That’s 300 muffins! Did you catch that? We made 300 homemade and fresh baked muffins in one morning?!?!  We got to the church at 4:45 am and the boys stayed awake the entire time…Riley didn’t even need a nap that afternoon, I was amazed at how joyfully he made it all the way to bedtime!

Of the 300 muffins: 11 dozen were pre-orders, the boys ate 7 throughout the morning, and the 2 dozen that were left over we donated to the Seniors Center.  We raised $454.75!!!!!  Thank you all for helping and giving in such a big way!!

Our special flavor last week was, Blueberry Streusel.  We will be doing a new special flavor this week and, as requested, bringing back our first special flavor, Caramel Apple.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop in and see us yet we’ve got two more Muffin Mondays in May left so come on by, we’d love to see you!


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