Sell Out Success!!

The first Muffin Monday of our 2nd Year was a wonderful success.  We so enjoyed seeing everyone and loved seeing people that were return customers from last year.  We sold out of all 133 muffins we made and received $205.00! With all the activity I missed getting any pictures, however here is an idea of how our afternoon went! 😉



Our surprise flavor last week was Caramel Apple and though it was rather sticky it tasted good!  Stop by and see us on Monday to find out what the surprise flavor will be!!  If you have a flavor you would like us to try, submit a comment and we’ll pick one to be a surprise flavor.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and following us on this journey!!


4 thoughts on “Sell Out Success!!

  1. amanda reenders says:

    Your muffins were a hit at my husband’s office. I would like to place another order for 4 dozen- an assortment (no zucchini). I will be there at 7:45. Thanks so much!Amanda

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