Haiti Adoption Update!!

So I have meaning to do a Dossier update for a long time and now I finally have the time.

One List of Documents to Acquire

One List of Documents to Acquire

Another List of Documents to Acquire and what has to be done with each document.

Another List of Documents to Acquire and what has to be done with each document.

Our Dossier (legal term for “A LOT of documents”) for Haiti is finally complete!!  WHEW!!! I’m amazed that we have made it; there were so many documents to gather, documents to notarize, appointments, phone calls, traveling for biometric fingerprints, blood work, and on and on it went.  Until this now all important moment has arrived…

USCIS Approval!!

USCIS Approval!!

Our approval from USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) means that we are all clear to adopt from Haiti!! Now all of our handwork will finally leave us and go into the hands of our Haiti adoption agency, All Blessings International.

Here is the travel itinerary for our Dossier:

1. All Notarized documents go to our State to be authenticated.

2. All the documents go to the Hatian Consulate in Chicago to be legalized.

3. All the documents go to the translator to be translated into Hatian Creole.

When a quota spot is available our Dossier will go to Haiti to be reviewed by them and for our family to be matched with an orphan(s).  This is over-simplified but it gives you an idea of where we are and where we are going.  If we get matched with a special needs child we will be moving through this process much faster.


Muffin Monday Wrap-Up

Thank You, Sheridan!

Our 2nd Muffin Monday in May was a wonderful success!!!!  In total we made over 887 muffins from scratch, rose early and baked them fresh to serve them warm to all of you!!

In return, you greeted us with smiles, waves, honks, and hugs all while very generously supporting our adoptions and helping us raise… 


It was such an amazing time!! Last year, the boys would take a cat nap while some of the baking was getting done.  Not this year!  They stayed awake the entire time and were excited to help with the baking.


We will be testing and tasting new flavors through the winter and be ready to serve you some warm, fresh muffins with love in May 2016!  Until then we will be happy to not get up at 3:30 am for awhile! 😉

Psalm 127:2 “…For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep”



We have received the call from our agency that we have been waiting for…

“she has chosen your family.”

Our family has been chosen by a birth mother to be the forever family for her baby boy!!  We are so very excited and yet somewhat reserved; as many of you know in adoption nothing is for certain until the paperwork is completed and your child is home with you.  That said, we are beginning the tentative travel plans, choosing a name (Yay!), and soon we’ll start getting out all the baby goodies (so cute!)!!  We have already sent a letter to the birth mom and look forward to how God will shape our relationship with her, she too is forever a part of our family.

You know, it is hard to believe that after 3 years of prayer, research, paperwork, home studies, fingerprints, updates, fundraisers, and having our family profile shown to approximately 20 mothers (or more) we will be going to pick up our new son this summer!!

Please keep this mother in your prayers; may she come to know Jesus as her Savior through this situation, to be healthy throughout the pregnancy, and for the Lord’s strength and love to carry her through such a difficult time.  Also, be praying for this baby boy to be healthy!

A crib to hold a special little one soon!

A crib to hold a special little one soon!

Muffin Madness Update

Wowzers! This last Muffin Monday was busy and great!!  We had to have help this week to  fill all of the orders and make more muffins for everyone stopping by.  Our dear friend cooked liked crazy to help us keep up.  We made 25 dozen muffins!!!  AAaahhh! That’s 300 muffins! Did you catch that? We made 300 homemade and fresh baked muffins in one morning?!?!  We got to the church at 4:45 am and the boys stayed awake the entire time…Riley didn’t even need a nap that afternoon, I was amazed at how joyfully he made it all the way to bedtime!

Of the 300 muffins: 11 dozen were pre-orders, the boys ate 7 throughout the morning, and the 2 dozen that were left over we donated to the Seniors Center.  We raised $454.75!!!!!  Thank you all for helping and giving in such a big way!!

Our special flavor last week was, Blueberry Streusel.  We will be doing a new special flavor this week and, as requested, bringing back our first special flavor, Caramel Apple.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop in and see us yet we’ve got two more Muffin Mondays in May left so come on by, we’d love to see you!


Sell Out Success!!

The first Muffin Monday of our 2nd Year was a wonderful success.  We so enjoyed seeing everyone and loved seeing people that were return customers from last year.  We sold out of all 133 muffins we made and received $205.00! With all the activity I missed getting any pictures, however here is an idea of how our afternoon went! 😉



Our surprise flavor last week was Caramel Apple and though it was rather sticky it tasted good!  Stop by and see us on Monday to find out what the surprise flavor will be!!  If you have a flavor you would like us to try, submit a comment and we’ll pick one to be a surprise flavor.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and following us on this journey!!


Wahoo!! We’re back with Muffin Mondays in May!!!


After a long season of preparing Dossier paperwork (I’ll have more on this soon!) for our Haiti adoption and renewing our US adoption paperwork, we are ready for Muffin Mondays in May!

2nd Muffin Mondays in May

See the excitement on those faces!

We are back with our 5 great flavors and we’ll be having a surprise flavor each week!! The main 5 flavors are: Chocolate Vanilla Swirl with Chocolate Chips, Zucchini Bread, Pancake  & Sausage with Maple Syrup, Vanilla with Cinnamon Crumb Topping, and Honey Cinnamon. We are so excited about our new flavor that we have to give you a sneak peak!!

1st week surprise flavor!

1st week surprise flavor!

Doesn’t it look so YUMMY!! Well we taste test all of our recipes for quality control and we can tell ya, they are YUMMY!!

We so enjoy making these for our community and enjoy even more all of you wonderful people who greet us with your smiles so early in the morning!!  All the while raising the enormous amount of funds ($60,000.00 or more) that it will cost to bring these precious children home and grow our family.                            

Such joy!

Such joy!

In just a few days we’ll be waking up at 3 AM to get these muffins baked so they will be fresh and warm for you. Don’t forget you can also pre-order! You can be sure to get the flavor of your choice and get enough for the office, your child’s classroom, for house guests, or a busy morning. Just send me an email with your order and contact info and we’ll make your muffins! So come see us and spread the word… 


Muffin Mondays in May

7 am – 9 am

Calvary Baptist Church Parking Lot

1660 Big Horn Ave.