BIG Things are happening!!

IMG_1474 IMG_1476

BIG THING #1: Thank You to you all!!

We are in the final week before the garage sale!!! This is really turning into more of a second-hand store! So many have given so much to our sale that it is beyond belief.  We can never thank everyone enough for giving their prayers, time, trailers, trucks, physical labor, belongings, encouraging words, and so much more.  There really is no way to express our humble gratitude for everyone’s endless service to our family (those at home & those not yet home) and to our Heavenly Father.

BIG THING #2: No Silent Auction during the sale

Because the size of the sale has gotten so HUGE, we have decided to forgo the Closed-Bid Silent Auction.  There isn’t time or room to add another aspect to this already very full sale.  So everything will be available in the garage sale!

BIG THING #3: Matching Grant Update

Our application to receive a matching grant from the Defending the Fatherless Fund ( a local adoption fund through Lifesong for Orphans) for the garage sale was submitted a few weeks ago.  We received word last night of their decision & the award is…


I (Shannon) was really expecting around $3000.00 so this has definitely exceeded my hopes! The way the matching grant works is that what ever amount is raised at the sale is matched up to $5000.00.  So if people give $5000.00 during the sale, it will multiply “pressed down, shaken together, and running over” (Luke 6:28) to become $10,000.00. Whew & Wahoooo!!!!  Even better, since Lifesong is a non-profit, your donations are tax deductible!!!!  So let’s get busy and pass on the word to family, friends, co-workers, & passers-by to come shopping!  Here are the details again:

Rankin Family Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale

Calvary Baptist Church 1660 Big Horn Ave, Sheridan, Wy

Friday & Saturday June 27th & 28th 8 am- 1pm



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